Dear friends of E-driven separation techniques,

we are pleased to invite you to the 2020 ONLINE CE-Forum, October 9 hosted by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

The CE-Forum was initiated by the workgroup (AK) Separation Science in the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the GDCh as an annual platform, especially for graduate students and users of E-driven separation methods and applications with broad open discussions between participating academic workgroups, industrial users, and peers. For a few years already, the CE-Forum has been an intensive meeting that has been able to attract scientists and users of capillary electrophoretic separation techniques to participate. An in-depth exchange of theoretical work, practical results, and new developments in the method will help you in progressing your research work and your daily CE practice.

The current and changing regulations in Germany to control the Corona epidemy make it unclear whether the CE-Forum can be organized in the traditional format. Therefore we have opted to arrange the 2020 CE-Forum as a 1-day online meeting.

The program consists of six contributed oral presentations in addition to one keynote lecture. We will try to offer all participants the opportunity to present their work during the forum. Because of the digital nature of the conference, we’ll be able to adapt the presentation program to the number of participants in case the number of submitted abstracts exceeds the number of planned slots. Therefore we are also looking into other formats of presentation.

Presentable topics are related to new insights regarding the theoretical background, practical experiences, method development, and applications of capillary and microchip electrophoresis. The focus will be given to discussions between the participants instead of pure lectures. In each oral presentation, ample time for online discussion will be scheduled.  Participants are encouraged to also present negative results of their research efforts or share unresolved hypotheses with the audience. The best presentation of each day will be awarded a presentation prize sponsored by Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry (ABC).

Looking forward to meeting you at the 2020 online issue of the CE-Forum. If you want to stay informed please join the CE-Forum Mailing List by using the form below.

Dr. Björn Meermann (BAM, Berlin), Sebastian Faßbender (BAM, Berlin), Dr. Gerard Rozing (ROZING.COM Consulting, Karlsruhe)

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