The language on the slides for oral presentation will be English. With respect for non-German speaking participation, we require the oral presentations to be delivered in English. For questions and discussion after the oral presentation, during poster sessions, and in networking discussions, both English and German language can be used as appropriate.

Oral Contributions:

Given the tradition of the CE-Forum, all speakers will plan their presentation to leave ample time for discussion. As a rule of the thump, use 2/3 of the number of minutes of the allocated time slot as the number of slides for your presentation. E.g. for a 20 minutes slot, use 12-13 slides. The session chairmen will be instructed to aid the presenters to abide by their speaking time.

Online Presentation:

The forum will be held in Cisco Webex Meetings which is free to use for all participants, regardless of whether they already have an account or not. Participants will receive an e-mail with the link to the virtual meeting room on October 7th. The meeting will be started on October 9th at 10:00 am. After clicking the link, those participants who don’t already have a (guest) account for Cisco Webex, will be asked to create one by filling in their name and e-mail address. Afterward, they are forwarded directly to the virtual lobby. Only registered participants will be admitted to the meeting room.  Therefore it is very important to use the same e-mail address as in the registration and the correct full name for the (guest) account. It will be possible to leave the meeting room and enter again later following the procedure described above anytime.

During the online CE-Forum, it will be possible for all participants to use audio and video connection, and text chats. While presenting, only the presenter is allowed to use audio, video (optional), and screen sharing. During presentations and discussion, questions, comments, or the wish to ask a question personally using audio and video (optional) can be issued via text chat (with the moderator).